ETNA Network — A Rewarding DeFi And Gaming Platform

ETNA Network will present new thoughts and utilities for in-game resources making use of blockchain innovation.

What is ETNA Network?

Using the Etna Network Platform?

ETNA Network runs on the Binance Smart Chain network. In order to transact on Etna Network, you must have a Metamask wallet application or pc setup. Set up your Metamask wallet to the bsc network, you need to make some settings. Then you get started !!!

Set up Metamask to Binance smart chain network link: https://academy.Binance.Com/tr/articles/connecting-metamask-to-binance-smart-chain.

How to get ETNA Network token?

ETNA is traded on pancakeswap and cointiger exchanges.

ETNA Network Token Utility

  • Lending Platform: sans interest advances can be taken by way of Leveraging ETNA Tokens.
  • BBT Market: ETNA may be used as assurance as Proof of Insurance Mechanism.
  • NFT Market Currency: NFT Marketplace supported coins is ETNA used to shop for and promote in-sport belongings and other NFT’s.
  • Rewards: ETNA may be used as a Treasure and grant within the gaming part of ETNA natural framework.



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