SentinelDVPN Lists DVPN token on Kucoin.

  • Decentralized consensus
  • Open-source networking integrations
  • Distributed community based node network
  1. You get to stay anonymous and protect your internet data and privacy;
  2. You get to earn rewards from the Sentinel dVPN platform and earn just as you stake on the Sentinel dVPN platform.
  • Governance and Staking token
    • Medium of Payment for dVPN Subscriptions
    • Medium of Payment for Advanced dVPN Services
    • Work Token

As a Governance and Staking Token, the dVPN token will serve as a security token on the Sentinel dVPN Network, the $dvpn token hodlers will get to participate in several decisions that concerns the platform through voting power.

Note: Your voting power is determined and rated by the number of $dVPN tokens that you hodl. Also, you will use the $dVPN tokens to stake on the Cosmos Hub.

Cosmostation Wallet Download Link for Android
Cosmostation Wallet Download Link for iOS

Am proud to tell you that the @Sentinel_co has perfected this move with its recent listing

The #SentineldVPN platform has just added a new listing for the $dVPN tokens and now you can buy $dVPN tokens on
@kucoincom, @AscendEX_Global, #Hotbit and @MEXC_Global exchange platform, which is a big move for the token.

Don’t forget that you need the $dVPN token to buy subscriptions plan on the #SentineldVPN app. While you need the #dVPN app to protect your internet privacy and date.

The new $dVPN token listing on @kucoincom comes with few benefits:

  • The top 30 users who have a net buying volume (buys — sells- withdrawals) of 20,000 $DVPN on #KuCoin will win a share of a $25,000 in $DVPN prize pool!
  • #KuCoin will run a lucky draw for users who have a trading volume that reaches 3,000 $DVPN or more

Earn from $dvpn listing

  • @kucoincom will run a lucky draw for users who add the DVPN/USDT trading pair to their #Favorites List.

Do you want to participate in this event? You can get the event details here —


  1. Net deposit volume = deposits — withdrawals;
  2. Net buying volume = buys — sells — withdrawals;
  3. Trading volume = buys + sells;
  4. The Sub-Accounts and Master Account will be treated as the same account when participating in the Sentinel activity;
  5. The top 30 winners of the Activity 2 will not be eligible to receive the Activity 3 rewards;
  6. KuCoin will update the top 10 rankings of Activity 2 before 13:00 on September 29, 2021 (UTC). The final rankings will be updated within 5 working days of the campaign ending;
  7. Rewards will be distributed within 7 working days of the campaign ending;



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