AnalytEx is made for everyone.

2 min readFeb 27, 2022


What is AnalytEx

AnalytEx is a platform for blockchain users and projects, a platform with exclusive capabilities of end to end advanced analtytics frame works. With Analytex, you can get access to valuable insights based on over a billion daily transactions and events carefully processed in real time.

With AnalytEx, users can make data driven decisions faster as soon as an analytics appears on the platform.

Just so you know,

  • AnalytEx gives context
  • AnalytEx helps you get more out of your data
  • AnalytEx helps you understand defi, analytics with any idea of blockchain technology.

How does AnalytEx work?

AnalytEx uses sophisticated technologies and tools.

AnalytEx is more than just another way of collecting data.It gives you context, helps you get more out of your data. Just like that, complex blockchain data becomes open to any user, without the need for a deeper understanding of technology behind it.

To summarize, AnalytEx gives you a data mining, ai and predictive analytics model on the blockchain technology. Most blockchain analytical tools are designed for engineers. AnalytEx is made for everyone.

Features of AnalytEx

1. A single source of truth
2. Smart alerts
3. Self Service
4. API first service
5. Broad Dashboards
6. Insights

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